Dad’s Alaska

January 28, 2020

Day 12 and the black water still flows. However, the potable water was still a problem. The downstairs commode still doesn’t fill and flush. The kitchen sink still does not have running water. The problems seem intractable, but I persevered. I ran a line from the hand sink in the bathroom to the supply line of the commode. At last, I have a flushing commode like normal people. The kitchen sink was a totally different problem. There is no way to bypass and get water to the sink. I decided that there must be some unseen reason for the lines to freeze. I knocked out some sheetrock in the back of my closet which is adjacent to the kitchen. This action revealed a gaping hole that was allowing sub-freezing air into the wall and freezing the pipes. I stuffed some insulation into the hole for a temporary fix and then put a hair dryer blowing onto the frozen pipes. After a couple of hours the hot water linbegan to flow. This led to emptying the full sink and loading everything into the dishwasher. ally, real plates, knives, forks and spoons are again available. No more paper plates and plastic forks, etc. Dan came over to give us some advice about our remodeling of the upstairs bathroom. The surround we purchased would not fit the space available. We packed up the surround back in the box to be returned to Home Depot. Dan is going to build a solid surface surround for the bath after we get the tub set. This will entail some plumbing, carpentry, sheetrock and electrical work. Nothing we can’t handle. It will just be time consuming rather than difficult. The rest of the day I wasted by bringing in firewood, filling Homer buckets with snow to water the ducks and geese and moving stuff out of the house and into the outbuildings. We always seem to have too much crap lying around the house. Sayonara for today.




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