The Road to Home

9:30 AM

What felt like a bazillion miles finally we are in Alaska. We have made most of this trip with no phone signal with AT&T International plan, because AT&T tweaked there signal I guess. I’m gonna give them a talking to when I get home.

Anywho, we are about 35 miles from Tok, AK when we blew two tires on one side of the trailer, rubber was slightly on fire and had to take the fire extinguisher to it, and the best part it broke all the u-bolts and the springs. So, we are stranded on the side of the ALCAN waiting on a service truck to install new u-hooks. This poor trailer has taken a beating cross country from Florida to Alaska, Alaska to Florida, Florida to Alaska. So, three times this trailer has been dragged to the pits of hell and back. After this it will never make a trip like this again.

We have met some really nice people on this trip. Marcel who gave us diesel when we about ran out and a gentleman that we have been traveling the same way with. This particular gentleman gave me a ride into town to find help. Then he brought me back. A grande total of 65 miles out of his way.

I might not be home, but I am in Alaska.

Today we are supposed to make it to Anchorage, spend the night and then make it home on Wednesday, which is tomorrow. It just might not happen. All I want is to sleep in my own bed.

So close, yet so far.


We are now at Willard’s RV repair – Auto, Electric to get a few more parts to fix the trailer. Willard came out to us and was able to replace most of the parts and get us rolling to his shop. It’s 1:30 PM now and we are still going to try to make it to Anchorage. It’s only 342 miles to the Walmart.

Tomorrow, home.


One thought on “The Road to Home

  1. Glad you’re there. Almost to the finish. Trip not as bad as last one. Getting better. Stop hauling so much stuff. Lol


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