What a Long Day

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Today, we woke up early around 6am and got the ball rolling. We were on the road by 6:30ish and stopped for gas which lead us to officially travelling by 7am. So long B-ham! We quickly left Alabama to Mississippi and then to Memphis, TN then got into Arkansas pretty quickly.

Then Missouri. Dad and I thought we were avoiding rush hour and took a detour through what we now think was Missouri wine country. It was very very hilly and it was a two lane black top with switchbacks. The little towns were more like villages and they were very touristy. There was a vineyard every couple miles. They all had German sister cities as well.

Hermann Wine Trail Map

We drove on 100 up and down. It was such beautiful country and we were so busy looking and enjoying the views to even think about taking pictures.

Oops! My bad.

Any who, we then popped out on 70. We then made it out of St. Louis alive during rush hour traffic. 125 miles later we made it to Columbia where we stopped for the night at Cottonwood RV park. Very nice facilities and people. I definitely recommend staying there.

We got set up and I made blackened chicken fingers and French style green beans. It was yummy. After showers and a few drinks it was time for bed.


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