Bad Luck?

Monday, April 23, 2018

What a miserable day! We woke up extremely early to finish the last bit of packing and clean up at the reno house. Everything was trying to go smoothly, but of course, who do you think we are? We are the Steele’s. Nothing comes easy and so therefore we work extra hard to make things happen and to make it right. We had everything loaded including the dogs and it was about 11:00am. To make things worse I tried to start the engine. Guess what! No, not chicken butt, but dead batteries in Spike! (Incase you are just tuning in, Spike will be played by a very large dark forest green Dodge 3500 Bully Dog dually.)

Any who, a couple hours later of trying to charge batteries, we were able to jump off Spike with an extra battery. Next stop, Windstream. We needed to drop off the modem and the other modem that was mistakenly shipped to me by the online people. Then, I had to call and cancel my service. Just another fun issue we had to deal with. And so goes with the bad luck with the hitch. It’s too low for the trailer. Had to stop at Tractor Supply for a shorter drop hitch. Then, Dad and I couldn’t get the ball to let go ,so we had to buy a new one.

So by the time we headed out it was about 2ish PM. (Cue forehead slap)

We made it to the other side of Birmingham late that night/early morning. It was a really rough night. We had a vodka drink and passed out.


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