Still in Florida

Well, we finished the house!  FINALLY!  We are underway cleaning the house and packing up.  We’ve been extremely busy trying to get ready to go home.  Today, I will be painting decks and finishing the last bit of pressure washing that needs to be done to the siding of the house.  Then, we are ready to get the kayak racks onto of the trailer and pack up and leave.  The rain slowed us down due to the fact all that’s left is outside work.

Dad also has to finish installing the new main breaker panel.  He started it yesterday, but then had to make a ton of town runs to try to finish it.  So, the house is being run by our generator.  Of course, it’s a baby generator and will not run the well.  Again, we live with no water.  At this point, I think I’m used to it.  It’s really no big deal.  We will be on full power again today.

Hopefully we will be leaving for home by Sunday or Monday.

Here’s a little tour of the master bath.


6 thoughts on “Still in Florida

  1. If you need an Inverter, or IOTA DLS smart battery chargers or ham radio gear I still have some stuff left over from my time in my old cabin. If we came to a deal you could stop here in North Texas on your way North to Alaska and take the stuff with you.
    If not have a safe trip


  2. Great job, nice work on the trims. I was trying to sell my house so I could buy yours. LOL. Hope your road trip back to AK goes without a hitch and safely. Looking forward to your homesteading updates. Safe travels.


  3. Beautiful work. I love your carpentry moxie. If you ever get settled in Alaska and want to flip a house, I’m ready for a year in the wilderness and I, too, have mad carpentry skills. What a joy to read about your life.

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