Bob’s Version: Florida Bound Days 1 & 2

Suzy and Gandy’s Big Adventure Days 1 & 2

Monday 12/04/2017.  Tuesday 12/05/2017.

Summer and I are preparing to go to Florida. The coffee drinking and news reading was done very quickly. It is problematic to try to think of everything you might need.
The reason for the trip is to prepared one of our house purchases to either rent out or sell. I’m trying to think of every tool I might need. In the end  I just loaded up most everything.  Loading is easier than thinking.
Summer, on the other hand is packing and repacking her carry on and her checked bag.  Between spates of angst about what she had packed she loaded all of the other excess stuff that she might need into the trailer. Her angst is stemming from having to fly, which she does with either 3 vodkas or a Valium to get her past the gate.
After loading bags and dogs into the truck, we hitched up the cargo trailer and left for Anchorage.  We at our destination, the airport Microtel about 6:00. Way too early for her to go to the airport for her 12:35 AM flight.   Since we were both hungry we went to the McDonalds. Summer’s Big Mac was a big disappointment.  I had two McChickens and a small fry.   Ate Only are one because.  Well you get the drift.
10:00 o’clock came around while we were watching the news. We gathered up the dogs and Summer’s stuff and left for the airport where Summer put Taco in his carry bag.  He was not a happy camper. I hugged Summer and she went inside. The remaining two dogs, Suzy and Gandy went with me.
Back at the hotel, the dogs had their final outing of the night and I hooked up the trailer?   I took a shower which made me itch like crazy.
I got to sleep about 1:30 AM because between itching and Gandy keeping me up with his whining and pacing. He was missing his Momma and his buddy, Taco.   Finally, he went to sleep and I did the same.

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