Bob’s Version: Florida Bound Day 9

Day 9. Tuesday 12/12/2017.

I was thinking about all of the people my age. So many of the retire to a rocking chair and either die or become ill. You can’t account for genetics but I figured out that it isn’t ‘use it or lose it’ it is ‘use it or die’.  If you’ve just been hanging out waiting for the grim reaper you might as well go for a walk.  You could get run over by a bus or you might live a few more years.   I almost died from a heart blockage 15 years ago.  The doctor actually said to me, “Mr. Steele, I don’t know why you are still alive”.  A wake up call, if there ever was one.  Get off your ass and onto your feet.  A few steps are better than none.
After gorging myself on a blueberry muffin and coffee, the dogs and I set off for Sioux City, Iowa.
Topped off the fuel and put in a container of DEF we were ready to move along.  Noticed that the fuel mileage dropped radically it went from 10+ to just over 7 MPG.  Pulled over several times to check the trailer brakes.. Each time they weren’t overheated.  It was a mystery. Refueled twice before it dawned on me that it might be the DEF fluid was probably bad.  Someone told me that without the DEF the mileage would drop radically.  On the third fill up I put in a DEF from a different source and by the time I got to Sioux City the MPG was up to 8.9. Now I bought the original DEF at a place at an independent dealer owned by little brown people.  I don’t know if they tampered with the contents or if the contents were not as advertised.   Either way, I’m going to the Dodge dealer in the morning. A diesel engine is a terrible thing to waste.  Oil change and fuel filter warnings came on plus I need to change from snow tires to street tires.
Did you know that there are three Sioux Cities. They are North (S Dakota), South ( Nebraska) and the actual Sioux City in Iowa.  I’m spending the night at the Walmart in Nebraska and then going to the Dodge dealership in Iowa.
Turned on the heater, walked and fed the dogs before going into Walmart to find dinner.  Without a stove, I’m pretty much limited to sandwiches.  However, I found some small cans of pork and beans and a small container of coleslaw.  Heated the beans on the space heater.  Dinner was hot beans, coleslaw and a toasted chicken sandwich.  I toasted the bread on the space heater.  Dessert was ginger snaps.
The temp outside is about 30 degrees.  I’m going south as fast as I can.  It has snowed here but not recently and I don’t want to be here when it snows again.
I’m only about 1200 miles from Liveoak, FL.  I could do it in two days, if the truck didn’t need to be serviced.  Might still do it in two days, if they get me in and out quickly.


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