Bob’s Version: Florida Bound Day 8

Day 8 Monday 12/11/2017.

Got up at about 6:30.  Walked the dogs, fed the dogs did a tire check and Left Lloydminster at about 7:30. Made my way to Saskatoon and to the Fountain Tire Store to get the shredded tire from Sunday replaced under warranty.  They replaced the tire so now I have two spares.  This ate up over an hour of travel time but assured me that any further tire problems would be a simple matter of changing the tire.
Tire problems solved I set out for Winnipeg. The temp when I left Saskatoon was 34 degrees.  The temp when I arrived in Winnipeg was -3.  The dogs and I could not stay in the trailer at such an extreme temperature.  I found a Motel 6 and checked in. Suzy, Gandy and I were living in the lap of luxury for about 10 hours.
Covered 618 miles today to arrive at the motel at about 10:30.  It was a very tiring day.
After making four trips in with dogs and gear, I went back out to the truck and used a convenient outlet to plug in a 250 watt heat lamp which I placed next to the oil pan on the engine. Spike would start in below zero but he wouldn’t like it. No point in stressing out the engine at low temps.  Warm oil is good oil.
Got up at 7:00 expecting a breakfast down in the lobby.   There was only a few muffins, some corn flakes and some yogurt. Very disappointing. I was hoping for some boiled eggs and bagels.  I partook of what was available along with coffee.  I had already loaded the dogs and was letting the truck warm up.
Didn’t really have any dinner last night. I had no Canadian currency and that was all the vending machine would accept. Ended up eating Suzy’s turkey slices and Suzy’s apple.  There were only 3-4 slices of turkey in the pack and a half of an apple.
It is odd but you can become accustomed to not eating three times a day plus snacks in between. You get to a point where you only think of food when you suddenly realize that you a very, very hungry.


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