Bob’s Version: Florida Bound Day 4

Day 4 Thursday 12/06/2017.

Woke up on Whitehorse after a night of passing cars and someone on a big machine scraping the mud and sand off the parking lot.   All of the noise set off the dogs and Suzy in particular. It was a very long short night. In the AM I fed the dogs and got a package of mock apple strudel. I say mock as there weren’t any apples in it. It seemed more like apple jelly smeared on a on puff pastry. Got a crapass cup of coffee from Starbucks. Neither were very good but they cut the hunger. 

Got on the road at about 8:00 after fueling up Spike.   Made it to Watson Lake before refueling. That was only about 275 miles. Decided to move on to Liard River which put me over 400 miles for the day. Like every other day so far, I’ve been driving in sand and slush at 55-60 mph. Under the sand and slush is an inch or more of ice. This is a wholly different type of driving. You don’t accelerate or stop quickly. I’m fact, you don’t do anything quickly.   Any minor lack of attention puts you in a ditch or over a cliff. I think my knuckles will be permanently white from gripping the steering wheel.   

Stopped at the Liard River Lodge for the night. The RV park was closed so I was forced to check into the hotel. $197.50 Canadian for a room. That included $25 for Suzy and Gandy.  Won’t be stopping here again. Too rich for an old man on SSI.   If I hadn’t needed a shower so badly, I’d have just gone back to the trailer and gone to bed.  So in reality I paid $197.50 to just to take a hot shower. Not the best use of my money. Had intended to buy some baby shampoo and wash both dogs but I forgot while I was in Walmart. I did remember cheap razors to shave my wooly face. I look a bit less like a bum or a serial killer now that I have shaved. 

For dinner I had a homemade cream of mushroom soup and a bowl of potato salad. I know it’s a weird combo. The potato salad was better than mine which is almost unbelievable. The soup while it tasted great was kind of weird.  They left the stems on the mushrooms. The stems are always kind of woody so I had to remove the stems before I could eat the caps. Aside from that the soup was excellent.


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