Bob’s Version: Florida Bound Day 3

Day 3.   Wednesday 12/06/2017.

Meant to leave Tok, AK at about 7:00. But the little propane heater quit during the night and I spent most of an hour trying to get it restarted.  I gave up and threw some extra covers on my bed. Alarm went off at 6:00 but I just couldn’t force myself out of the warm bed.  I got up at 7:00, fed the dogs and warmed up the truck. Since I was parked behind a convenience store I fueled up got a sausage egg biscuit.  Pulled out of Tok at about 8:20 on my way to Whitehorse.    Got to the border and found that the Canadian Customs was 20 miles into Canada. When I got to the Customs stop, I got everything but a cavity search. A scruffy old man with two dogs pulled off to the side where they went through every nook and cranny of the truck and opened every trash bag full of clothing, took the vacuum cleaner apart and went through every tool box and bag.  While they were wasting my time and theirs, I figured out that they were training the new guy. Just the old Steele luck kicking in again. Stopped for fuel again at Destruction Bay. Wondered about the name but no one knew.  I made 219 miles in spite of the dogs and I having to stop 3-4 times.   Hung around for about twenty minutes or so pumping the fuel and walking the dogs again.  Made it to Whitehorse at about 5:30.   Me and my travel companions drove through blinding snow for about an hour. Sometimes you couldn’t see the road.  Fortunately about every 100 yards they had posts on either side with reflective tape on them. All I had to do was stay between them and find the next set. They didn’t know the difference but I was seriously concerned. In 270 miles up to then I had seen only 7 cars and three Semis.  Going off the road there was going to mean a long wait for help.  There could have been a house 150 feet off the road and you wouldn’t have seen it. Let me change concerned to scared. At that elevation the temp was 30 degrees.   As went went off the mountain and got to lower ground the temp went up to 36 and it was 42 when we rolled into Whitehorse.
Parked in the Walmart lot and went into get a new heater. They were out but recommended the place next Canadian something or other. They had it and I bought it.   We’d sleep comfortable tonight.
After feeding the dogs, I went to the McDonald’s in the Walmart for dinner and then back to the trailer to end up feeding most of the chicken to the dogs.
Hit the sack at about 11:00 after using bottled water while brushing the nasty taste of McDonald’s out of my mouth and walking the dogs.
Will try to make the 404 miles to Liard River, BC tomorrow.


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