Busy Like a Bee

Time has flown by and I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t written on my blog in a while.  We have been so busy trying to get the house in livable shape so the inspector has something to go on.  Working on the downstairs bathroom trying to get it ready for sheet rock and putting down a new plywood floor has taken up a lot of our time.  So much time we forgot about house chores.  That means laundry, dishes, sweeping and dusting what we can around boxes, sheet rock and plywood.  It’s a real pain.  So, that took us the morning and half the day to get it ready for the inspector.  Which was nice, someone had to light a fire under our asses to get the “normal” things done.

The other day the humidity was around 70% which in this cold weather magnifies the mountains and the bay.  It was so big looking that it almost felt like you could just walk over there and touch it!  It was very cool.

Saturday, we had a belated Thanksgiving dinner with my neighbors’ family and friends.  There was so much food that Dad and I ate ourselves into a coma.  Sunday, was a slow day due to the amount of tryptophan we consumed the night before.  I woke to a little finch like bird in my bedroom for the second time.


I had to open the window and shoo it out for the second time.  We are not sure where this little guy came from but he was there.  Dad ate chicken noodle soup and of course, I ate more leftovers and was just about worthless.  We managed to get the plywood up on the bathroom wall and now is ready for sheet rock.  I took the dogs out to use the bathroom and I saw an ermine!  They are cute little buggers!  It was all white except for the tip of it’s tail which was black.  They eat voles!  Which I hadn’t seen those little critters running around in the  house in a while.  I wish I would have videoed the little guy.  He/She was jumping in and out of it’s snow tunnels looking at Taco and I.  I borrowed a picture off the inter web to show you have freaking cute they are.


They are in the weasel family and are very small.  They turn white in the winter.  During the spring and summer they look like this.


Still cute as a button!

Also, the weather channel said the biggest storm on earth might get us!  My friend Tammy saw the same thing on the weather channel and was worried about us.  I get Alaska Severe Weather updates on my email and didn’t get anything so I had no idea a big storm that looks like a hurricane was heading through the Gulf of Alaska.  So, I started preparing by hauling wood to the house and chucking it in.  It’s the fasted way to get wood in your house but extremely messy.  Then, it needs to be stacked.

This jet sled is a girls best friend, not only can you drag firewood and other stuff on it, but it makes a human sled!  I can’t wait!


Monday we woke up early and finished the bathroom floor and managed to clean the house to the best of our ability.  We were as ready as we were going to be.  As far as we know the inspection we well. Dad and I cleaned dishes and then I needed to go to town to  mail something and get some salad stuff and suddenly realized I was craving lasagna.  So, I decided I was going to make it myself.  Got everything I needed and headed home.  Then it was time to prepare dinner.  It has been the best lasagna I have had in a long time.  I sautéed onions, shallots, and garlic then added the beef.  Let that simmer.  My sauce started out as a glass jar of marinara and too got the special treatment of a nice Cabernet, garlic, spices, a little sugar and sautéed for about an hour.  Mixed ricotta cheese and partisan with some mozzarella cheese and was ready to put together!  Once baking in the oven and prepared garlic bread as well.  Safeway has this french baguettes that are to die for.  I have to buy two because the first one is almost eaten by the time I get home.

So dinner was yummy and we will continue to eat leftovers until I need to freeze them.


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