Bob’s Version: Day 60 Homestead

Today we passed three milestones.  The semi-expensive gas stove is connected to gas.  We can now cook in an oven.  The kitchen sink now has both water and a drain and we have a load of firewood.  Today marks two months since we started working on this derelict house.  We have taken it from derelict house to home.  It has been an incredible trek through one stupid problem after another.  The majority of those problems were the fault of several previous owners.  The little guy at the end of the road, whose father built this monstrosity, is truly angry that we are the first people to get this dump up and running.  He was very smug when we arrived in saying that he had seen several others fail.  He wanted to buy the place and I guess he was saving his nickels and waiting.  Too bad for him.  I DON’T FAIL.  His father, apparently, was living in the cabin that the house was built around.  The construction of the house does not even come close to the building codes of the 80s much less current building codes.  It has, however, survived several earthquakes so he obviously did something right.  Now Summer and I are in charge of restoring and preserving this 35 year old house built around a cabin with a ‘who knows’ construction date.

Today Summer and I went to town (Homer) so that she could get papers notarized to sell her house on the Suwannee River in O’Brien, FL.  We, also, hit the Safeway, the hardware store and the post office.  Meanwhile back at the ranch the wood guy was wanting to get paid.  He, at last, relented and dumped the wood on our back steps.  It certainly was not the optimum place, but I’m guessing he was peeved that we weren’t available.  He’d called earlier to say that it would be early evening then he called and changed it to NOW.  He’d been told that we were going to town and his change plans was going to be an inconvenience to Summer..  Summer makes plans and she isn’t happy when someone fails to abide by the agreed plan.  He left the wood and decided he would just come back by tomorrow.  Smart man.

Today was the day between snow storms.  Clear blue skies, bright sunshine and you could see the mountains and glaciers across Katchemak Bay.  Tomorrow is predicted to be another snow day, but who knows.  Some of the same people that swear by Gore-Bal Warming, and an uninhabitable planet in 2100, can’t with any certainty tell you tomorrow’s weather.

Tomorrow’s itinerary includes repairing the upstairs commode.  The commode itself is fine but there were no bolts holding the tank in place, the flapper ball is like cement and the flush valve just came apart in my hands.  Also, I hope to get some plywood on the wall of the downstairs bath and sheetrock over it.  I put the second light in this morning while waiting for the coffee to brew.  After sheetrock, I’ll install the vanity, a mirror and a light over the vanity.  This will give us two fully functioning bathrooms.  Whoopee!!!!

We have an infestation.  Voles are their name and they aren’t Tennessee football players.  What they are is tiny little mice smaller than the Palmetto bugs we had in Florida.  They are tiny and fast and the scary movement you see from the corner of your eyes.  Taco caught one but only by the tail. Somehow it escaped and scurried off to parts unknown.  Taco has been bored silly since he is unable to go outside because of the snow.  The Voles have been a welcome distraction for the bored Chihuahua.  We’ll have to drive the little boogers out somehow as they are very destructive.  Summer wants us to buy a Mane Coon, which is a type of cat.  I don’t like cats and I’m sure as hell not paying $1200 for a kitten.  There have to be less expensive ways to eradicate the Vole infestation.

I drove today on the icy roads for the second time since we’ve been here.   Summer does most of the driving because she gets to the truck first.  Getting old has made me a little slower, I guess. The heavily siped, studded tires with an abundance of caution get you around just fine.  In December, I’m driving back to Florida to get the balance of our possessions.  I’m looking forward to the 4600 mile trip.  Another adventure to be had.  Somebody told Summer that I might get killed on the road.  My reply was SO?  After all nobody is getting out of this life alive.

Dinner was tamale casserole.  Was pretty good but was made a lot better by the addition of Crystal Hot Sauce.  Dessert was three Nutter Butters.



2 thoughts on “Bob’s Version: Day 60 Homestead

  1. Yes my neighbor up North here had a couple cats and almost no voles, but then in my 14 years in my cabin I never had a vole problem…or I was too old to see or hear them. I like your attitude on the December road trip, having lived in Alaska 20 years I have never had an uneventful trip on the Alcan in winter. Just allow (plenty) of time for bad road and weather conditions and you’ll do fine. Have a safe trip and happy Thanksgiving to your and Summer.


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