Voles, Paws, Wood and Faucets: 11/20/17

Today has been one heck of a day!  Taco has cold feet.  Literally!  His tiny little Mexican paws can’t handle the snow.  I tried boots that a friend gave me only to find out that they are neoprene/absorbent  and are not water resistant and are of no use during the snowy winters here.  They just keep that little boy’s feet wet and cold.  So we’ve been going out to potty without them.

Dad and I needed to go into town today.   I finally sold my river home and needed to go to the bank to have them notarized and sent via UPS back to Florida.  We also needed a work sled to drag our crap and wood to the house so we bought a sled form Ulmer’s to do the job.  During our time in town our wood guy carrying a cord of wood was finished with his personal business and was headed our way earlier than we had been told.  Luckily the people of this area are just incredibly nice and accommodating and Scott will be back tomorrow for his payment.  I feel so blessed to have real wood!

Then, after all the supplies we got from Ulmer’s we were able to finish installing the range and the sink!!!!!

It all works!  I made Tamale casserole tonight in the oven!

It’s happened.  I no longer have to cook on the camping stove and the wood stove, well the wood stove while it is burning will take advantage of the extra cooking BTUs.  It seems everything is finally coming together.


The Vole!

I’m not gonna tell you what a vole is.  They are tiny, cute and extremely fast.  Taco has been so bored since he can’t go out.  Then Speedy Da Vole shows up and it’s war.  Taco has a new buddy, well should I say buddy or nemesis.  Nemesis for sure.  He has been tracking that little bugger all night.  He even got it once!  It either bit him or its tail tasted bad.  Who knows? All I know is that Taco is no longer bored.  He was used to running large in an acre back yard and in charge.  He would lay out in the sun all day.  Here with his poor little paws he’s very limited.  Never fear!  I am going to buy him the best winter boots this girl can afford!  Taco is my little baby boy and he will get the best!  Back to the vole.  That little bugger is brave!  It was running circles around the dogs and still does.  It just ran under me!  HAHAHA!  As long as it keeps Taco busy and active I am so greatful for the little vole.  Like I said they are cute, but it’s still a rodent and must be eradicated one way or another.

My friend Chris, here in Alaska, says I should use bag balm on Taco’s paws.  I suddenly remember I make a slave that does the same thing.  I find a tin full and start rubbing Taco’s poor little paws.  He hates it because they are sore but lets me do it anyway.  I’m gonna treat him again before bed tonight and in the morning.  I’ve been pulling my truck up and then down again in the “driveway” to prevent snow accumulation in that spot so Suzy and now Taco have a snow free place to potty.  Tomorrow, Taco is coming to town with me to get fitted for water proof/snow proof boots.  His little paws can’t take anymore snow.  It breaks my heart that he has to deal with this.  Momma is gonna throw a little money around to make him more comfortable.

So now at this point we have a fully working kitchen, two toilets, a shower, power, heat from the wood stove and from the Toyo.  We have real wood, not ‘destruction wood’.  Life is good!  Almost comfortable.

It’s just about bedtine for Bonzo!  So, I bid ya’ll a good night or a good morning.

2 thoughts on “Voles, Paws, Wood and Faucets: 11/20/17

  1. I’m just catching up on things, and you probably have the little boots for Taco’s paws, but if you’re the last bit crafty, you might could thrift an old wool sweater and felt it for booties for the pups. Felting it would help make the wool even more difficult for water to pass through, and a sweater could make a lot of pairs for all the little doggies paws. I’ve seen tutorials for making slippers for people, so I’d think the premise would be similarly simple and effective.


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