SNOW again!

*Videos attached*

Thinking about Alaska this time of year you would think there would be a massive amount of snow but not here in Homer.  We had a little snow back in October and nothing since.  So, the weather report stated a snow storm was coming and will effect the Kenai Peninsula over night.  Dad and I gathered extra wood just in case.  We spend all day yesterday tar papering around the bottom of the house to keep the wind and snow from coming in and it also will keep our pipes from freezing again.  Yes.  The plumbing is working again!  It took a couple of days for them to defrost but it’s all good!

We have at this point about 8 inches of snow.  We are staying warm and trying o finish the kitchen.  There will be real counter tops and a sink very soon.  YAY!

Taco has a thing for Gandie’s nub of a tail.  He’s always running by and nipping it.  Gandhi seems not to mind too much but gets annoyed none the less.  I think he secretly likes it.  LOL!

Taco loves the snow and Gandie basically tolerates it, I think.

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