The Underworld: November 16, 2017

Nov 16, 2017

Got the new washer installed and running only to find out that we are just about out for water.  GASP! Laundry stopped for the day and so was any chance of a shower.

We insulated and heat taped the sewage pipe under the house.  It was a dirty cold job but someone had to do it.  I crawled under the house first wrapping the heat tape around the pipe and Dad followed behind insulating it.  As I was crawling though the sketchy dark underworld of our house I found another plastic sled, this time in good shape.  Now all I need is to wait for enough snow on the ground to use it.  That and there was an old propane tank and what looks like some sort of box heater that attaches to the tank.  It was frozen in the ground and won’t budge.  So, it will have to wait until break up to be rescued.  The ground was frozen into shards of icy mud spiking upward into my knees.  It was very painful due to having spurs in both knees.  So crawling in the underworld sounded like this,”Ow! Ow! Ow! S#@%! Ouch!” Once focused I used all that pain and frustration to quickly do my job.

Dad ran out of insulation and duct tape.  Looks like there will be a town trip in the future.  Dad wanted me to go now but it was getting dark and there was no reason to jump into the truck and go.  Homer here I come ready or not!

Dinner was cubed steak and gravy, black eyed peas, and potatoes.



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