A Trip to Town: November 17, 2017

Well, we all new I was having to go to town today.  We needed the last bit of insulation and duct tape to finish the underworld insulation project.  So, I headed to town and went straight to Spenard’s to get what was on the list.  I wondered around and got two type of sheet rock screws (2 pounds each), another outlet box, duct tape and more insulation.  Well as I looked I found everything I needed except for the insulation.  I paid for my finds and drove next door to Ulmer’s to see if they had it.  No luck, but I did find ice trays.  No more $3 on a small bag of ice!  I went back to Spenard’s and went to the desk and asked.  Low and behold they have it!  It just not in the store it’s in their yard.  So, I paid for it and drove over to the yard, gave them my receipt and they gave me my insulation.  Okay, list is almost complete.  Next stop, the Post Office!  I just love checking the mail you never know what you’re going to get!  I got a Bark Box!  Yay!  Fun toys and natural treats for my babies.  It’s so much cheeper to go this route than to buy these things separately.

Then, It’s Safeway time!  This is where I pull out my phone and look at the deals.  I can add digital coupons and scan labels for additional discounts. I even got $5 off a purchase of $25 or more.  With all the savings my bill went from $29 and change to $21 and some change.  Not too shabby.

From there I went to Sav-U-More to pick up a few things like paper bags, and some aluminum casserole vessels to make dressing and candied yams for Friendsgiving next weekend.  The funny thing about this place is that they sell small Ikea stuff and Walmart brand stuff.  It’s really funny.

Not only can you purchase this stuff, but you can get livestock food too!  It’s one of my favorite places to shop all.

On the way home Thanksgiving was in my head and I was wondering what happened to my two 40 gallon or pound tanks are.  Dad dropped them off at Suburban Propane and we never heard from them sense.  So, I dropped by on the way home and asked about my tanks.  They said they have only one guy that does the recertification inspections and he’s a month behind.  I told them that I was expecting them back before Thanksgiving.  So, they told me to call Eagle Enterprises and see if they can do it and it was a big fat YES!

I took my tanks to Eagle and said they would be ready tomorrow.  They even called me a couple hours later saying that they were ready!  I recommend Eagle for your propane needs!

Then it was back to laundry. IMG_3586

Tomorrow I got back to town and get my filled tanks and check the mail.  Good times!

Tonight for dinner is Spaghetti that I improve with sautéed onion, shallots and garlic.  Then, I add some tomato paste to it and sautéed that a little longer before adding the merlot marinara and baby bellas to the mix.  Simmer for a few while making noodles and garlic bread.  YUMMY!  Dad and I stuffed ourselves silly and had to retire to our rooms around 8:30 to have some comfortable sitting and reflecting and so I can watch tv shows Dad doesn’t like.  LOL!

Then it’s just another night of taking dogs out and relaxing.

I’m hoping tomorrow we can get the tar paper around the house and finish the kitchen counters.  Beaches it’s a mess right now.


It would be nice to have a sink.  We shall see!

5 thoughts on “A Trip to Town: November 17, 2017

  1. Just wondering… I lived near Livengood and the drive for supplies to Fairbanks was a130 mile round trip so I planed my trips carefully because of the cost of gas. And seeing how you like to save money, like at Safewy, wouldn’t it be better to plan your trips and only drive once a week to get what you need? I know every bodies situation is different and with me living on only my social security I had to make every dollar count… like I said just a thought.


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