November 16, 2017

I think I’m sick of coffee and have just changed to Earl Grey.  It seems I need a change from all the gallons of coffee I drink.  Dad can’t believe that I am sick of coffee.  He thinks no one can get sick of coffee.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Me, I need a change.

Today we need to wrap all the pipes underneath the house with heat tape and insulation.  We are hoping that this takes care of our frozen pipe problems.  We are no longer going to get above freezing anymore and need to defrost the dark pipes one way or another.  We were are crawling under the house and getting to it.  Fun Fun Fun!

I got some coveralls from the Salvation Army not too long ago and am about to put them to use!  One more cup of tea and then bundling up to lay down on frozen mud.  I would have never have guessed I would be doing everything I am doing today if someone was to tell me so.  I feel strong, exhausted, fit, and feel like I could accomplish anything.  I have learned so much from my Dad that if he wasn’t around for some reason that I could totally do this kind of work by myself and thrive.

Well, gonna finish my Earl Grey with lemon and a little sugar and start crawling under the house.

Talk to ya’ll later!


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