A Trip to Kenai: Nov. 15, 2017

Yesterday, Dad and I had our morning coffee and got ready to go to Kenai for a washer and supplies we need to be able to finish the kitchen and bathrooms.  Before we left Homer we got about 3000 calories of food and I drove to Kenai which the roads had ice all over them.  Dad was paying more attention to the beautiful scenery.  The more North we traveled to more snow and ice there was.  Thank goodness for studded tires.  I almost felt the truck sliding a bit and so I slowed down to regain what I felt was control.  There were frozen ponds that looked like diamonds, I would have taken pictures but I was driving and therefore Dad wasn’t thinking about documenting anything and neither was I.  It was too beautiful to think about taking pictures.

We made it to the turn to Kenai and the roads were very icy.  Most of the road is white and some black where tires had been rolling over the road in the same place.

Dad said, “The speed limit is 55 mpg, why aren’t you driving that?”

Me, “You see the road?  That’s ice, no one is going 55.”

Dad, “Oh.  Okay.”

I did speed up when we finally got to a spot that no longer was icy.

We get to Walmart and I let Dad and Suzy stay in the car.  I go by the list that was given to me and off I went wandering around the largest Walmart I have ever seen.  I’m only looking for stuff on my list.  I’m zig zagging and making circles for the sake of this list only asking for directions when I need them.   I’m so proud, I only got what was on the list and then I start looking for souvenirs for my niece for Christmas low and behold Dad texts me that he’s in the store.  I texted back saying, “You are?”  I turn around from where all the Alaska souvenirs are and there he is my father.  I told him I wanted to buy some things for miss thang and he said that’s what he wanted to do.  So I go steadily souvenir shopping and Dad goes SHOPPING.  I made shopping big because he only had a few things in his cart and then it was just about stacked full a lot of it we really needed.

Next, we have to go to the Home Depot.  We get our plumbing stuff, LED light bulbs and night lights, sheet rock, counter top, faucet for kitchen sink, and a new washer.  We went with a front loader for the fact it uses less water and is more efficient.  Since we only get 500 gallons of water delivered a week, we need to conserve where we can.  So no, everything is loaded up in Spike and we head home.  We again stopped at McDonald’s and ordered another 3000 calories for the ride home. This time Dad was driving and I got a Big Mac. We got home around 6:30, which is pitch black outside and forgot to leave a light or two on.  The dogs were howling in joy that we came home and turned on the lights.  Dad and I took the dogs out and let them do their business and then we started unloading Spike just enough that we could go inside and relax by the fire and watch some tv with a vodka drink.

We are invited to a Friendsgiving on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we are bringing the dressing and candied yams so we need to make a lot.  Now I have to find my casserole dishes and get the stove connected to propane so I can cook like a normal person.   Although I feel like cooking in the wood stove is an accomplishment, it’s so much easier to cook in a regular convection oven.  Especially when you are making huge portions of food.

A kitchen sink would be great as well.  It would be great to wash my hands and dishes without having to always got the the bathtub.  This would be great.


2 thoughts on “A Trip to Kenai: Nov. 15, 2017

  1. If you put the Walmart app on your phone, you can choose your home store. Then, when you are trying to find a particular item in that store, the app will give you the exact aisle location.
    I was in Homer back in May of this year, and complete fell in love with that area. When I have stupid money, I am going to move up there!!


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