What Day Is It?

The last couple of days have all blended together.  The gathering of wood is a full time job it’s the first thing we do after drinking coffee.  So, every morning starts out the same with lots of coffee and the gathering wood.  I sure wish that the wood guy contacts us.  I hate wondering around gathering old pieces of the house to burn.

On a happier note.

I did my first load of laundry last night. Today I am finishing the unloading of the travel trailer and doing laundry.  I got to talk to an old friend for about an hour the other night and was a lot of fun.  It was nice to reminisce about the old days of ropes swings and kayaking and how wonderful Alaska is.  Good times!

The kitchen is almost a kitchen and the water has been run upstairs.  It seems we are getting closer to a fully functioning home.

The other night the sky was so clear that you would think you were in some sort of fish bowl or snow globe.  You could see Orion’s belt right in front of you.  So close you could almost touch it!  Same with the big dipper so close you could connect the stars together.  There is so much sky that it seemed to bend around me.  I felt tiny in this big universe, one little person standing in the dark vastness of space.
Enough about that.

I was at a friend’s house the other night and enjoying a yummy dinner of lamb, potatoes and bok choy. So good!  Anyway, Dad was home alone and the dogs started barking.  He looked outside and there is a moose about 20 feet from the door!  It had to be about 5:30-6pm.   Dad enjoyed watching this beast walk through the property.  I new we had moose coming through the property but we never see them.  I am so jealous.  There is plenty of time to be able to spot one.

Well, I guess I better get back to work.  The laundry won’t wash itself and the camper will not unload itself.

Tomorrow we head to Kenai for more supplies to finish the kitchen and shelving.


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