Bob’s Version: Day 51 Homestead

Homestead Day 51 Saturday 11/11/2017 

The usual 8 cup morning starter. Read some news on Drudge, The Mainline, Breitbart and the LA Times. Not much good news these days which is one of the reasons I moved to Alaska aside from the move likely being my last great adventure. I fully expect to see American freedom end in a whinefest instead of a bang. Since I was born there have been three generations of children born each one more pampered than the last. We are only one high altitude nuclear explosion from seeing the Millennial Generation fall to pieces. They don’t know any history, the don’t know any math and they haven’t a clue about the sciences. Of course, there are exceptions but as a group they are so ill-prepared for life that I fear for the nation.

Anyway, back from news hell, I began the last of the rewiring of the house. When we bought the place we found that the previous owner had cut just about every wire in the house. Some of them simply cut off even with the stud, floor plate or boxes left with stubs of wire barely extending from the interior connections. What kind of insanity makes people just destroy an entire house? By days end I passed a milestone, the final wire was installed into the breaker panel and turned on. No sparks, no fire just the sweet hum of our home water cooler doing it’s job, at last.

Unfortunately, there was little time to enjoy this passing milestone as my daughter reminded me that we still did not have the washer or the dryer running. I knew the dryer would be easy as all it needed was the power cord attached. The washer, on the other hand, would require a great deal of plumbing. I had used PEX piping to get water to the downstairs bath and over to the kitchen but I hadn’t run pipe for the upstairs bath and the washer. The upstairs was fairly complicated as flooring would need to be removed and holes would necessarily need to be cut in walls. I worked on the plumbing until I ran out of the needed parts. I quit about 7:30 PM and ate dinner.

Dinner was Taco Salad, sweet tea and Nutter Butters for dessert.


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