Bob’s Version: Day 50 Homestead

Homestead Day 50 Thursday 10/09/2017

Spent my first night in the house. Summer had moved in over a week ago but I couldn’t get to my bed in the cargo trailer hence sleeping in the camper. I was a lot warmer when I got up this morning, in fact, I had to shed the comforter off the bed last night because I woke up perspiring. Sitting here now drinking coffee and lining up my days work. It is snowing small flakes that are unlikely to last past tomorrow except in the shaded areas.
* First thing on today’s agenda is rounding up all of the tools and materials that have been scattered about. I have in the past been good about putting these back where they belong. Up here I seemed to be a little less disciplined in that regard. Well, morning coffee is over and the work begins.

  •  Had a stainless steel table top that I’d bought years ago.  Decided to put it on a cabinet as a prep table.  Summer has wanted to do that for years.  After four attempts to fit it onto the cabinets I brought out the big guns and cut the cabinet six ways to Sunday.  The SS table top now fits the cabinet.  Summer now has the prep table she always wanted.
  • Next project didn’t get started until Summer came back from town.  We replaced the 18′ cabinet with a 30″ to move the stove over 12 inches.  This enables the looking into the oven without doing some contortionist moves.
  • During the rejiggering of the cabinets and stove we had to move the plumbing.  It was a pain in the arse.  Luckily, we were using PEX which made the job somewhat easier.
  • We are not simply making the kind of progress that I had hoped but we will have a fully working kitchen as soon as we get the counter tops.  Everything is in place to become normal people in the sense that we have all of the amenities of civilization i.e. Flushing toilet, bathroom vanity,  kitchen sink, refrigerator, stove, garbage disposer, dishwasher and heat.  Normality is a wonderful thing.
  • Today was a good day and we got a lot done.  Temp outside got up to about 32 and as I writing this it is down to about 18.
  • Dinner was Potato Soup.  No too crazy about soup but anything that has potatoes in it is okay by me.  It was very good on a cold evening.

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