Bob’s Version: Day 49 Homestead

Homestead Day 49 10/08/2017 Pictures and video at

Arose this morning to full daylight which means that I slept until way past 9:00. It was after 10:00 am when I made the coffee. I’ve been sleeping 10 hours at a whack ever since we got to Alaska. Not sure that this is a good thing. After getting properly coffeed up I went to work.
* I moved a bunch of crap out of the way and put down another sheet of plywood. Then spent two hours getting my upper body workout and my cardio by scraping 35 year old tile off the floor. It was a mess. The broken tile had to be shoveled up and bagged. Can’t fill a bag because it would weigh in at about 300 pounds. Had to use 3 bags too get it all off the floor. Once the tile was cleaned up I put down another piece of plywood.
* Moved the refrigerator to where it will live permanently except it is still connected to an extension cord. When I was designing the kitchen, I had planned for it to be in front of a receptacle. Big problem the redesign left it with no receptacle. This led to the next project.
* Moved the refrigerator out. Located the height for the new receptacle from the one I had planned to use and cut a hole in the sheetrock. Installed the new box and ran wire from the existing box. Problem solved. Life in the fast lane.
* I keep getting distracted by the view. Snow capped mountains, glaciers and Katchemak Bay. Have the same problem driving. Living here is a dangerous business.
* We still have some snow in the shady places left over from earlier in the week. Temp this morning when I left the trailer to go to the house was 18f. Later in the day it was up to about 35 which is short sleeve shirt weather. Summer and I both were outside working in tee shirts. With no wind and low humidity, it was quite comfortable. We were laughing about how people from the lower 48 would think we’d lost our minds.
* I have, at long last, been able to extricate my bed from the cargo trailer and put it into the house. I will, at last, be able to sleep in the house that i’m working my arse off to repair. Got my own bed back. Whoopee!!!! The travel trailer bed was quite comfortable but inconvenient. I can now toddle off to my bed upstairs and lie down. IT HAS BEEN OVER THREE MONTHS SINCE I SLEPT IN MY OWN BED and now I get to say my prayers next to my own bed.
* I have few regrets in my life. I wish I had spent more time with my children when they were young, I wish I had told Connie how much I loved her more often and I wish I had moved to Alaska 30 years ago. Unfortunately you can’t fix the past so the best you can do is attempt to do better in the future.
* Dinner time. Flank steak atop a nice big salad loaded with tomatoes, onions and all manner of good stuff.


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