Bob’s Version: Day 48 Homestead

Homestead Day 48 10/072017 for pictures and video.

Ran two heaters last night. Got up this morning with the smart one telling me that it was 41 degrees in my trailer bedroom. Miss Suzy and I were less than anxious to roll out of our warm bed. However, the call of nature forced us up. I got dressed and grabbed Miss Suzy and her food bowl and head post haste to the house. Every day it’s two trips to get Suzy and myself to the house and then two trips back to the trailer. Tomorrow I’m moving into the house. It is a helluva lot warmer in the house and I don’t need the exercise running between the trailer and the house 4 times a day. Coffee as per my usual routine. a little catch up on the news and then to work.
* Cleaned up the area and moved things back in order to install some 1/2 plywood on the floor. I am bound and determined to get a working kitchen by the weekend. With three sheets down I was able to move a couple of cabinets and the gas stove into place. We’ll be lightly sanding the cabinets and painting them later but for now just getting them into place seems like a major victory.
* Converted the stove from natural gas to propane. This used to be a lot harder than when I first into the appliance repair business with Fred and Barney. It was easy enough until I got to the bake burner. SAMSUNG decided that it needed to be virtually inaccessible. Not only that they left some factory sharpened edges so that I cut myself twice trying to finagle the new orifice into the valve. The first six orifices took maybe 30 minutes the fricking bake orifice almost an hour. Some intensive cursing ensued during the process. When I was in the Navy I learned to curse for 10 minutes at a time without using the same words twice. My vocabulary is not so large now and I’m not nearly as facile with the vocabulary that I still possess.
* Removed the food prep from a dining table to a piece of sheetrock placed on top of a cabinet. Moved the Coleman propane camp stove onto the new Samsung stove so that Summer could say that she was cooking on her new stove.
* Miss Suzy seemed more needy today than usual. Miss Suzy was wanting to be held constantly. When she gets like that I worry that she is sensing me about to kick the bucket. She was my late wife’s service dog. She could sense Connie’s seizures before Connie had them. So a dog this sensitive wanting to be next to me constantly is concerning. Haven’t checked my blood pressure in months and have decided I just don’t give a damn. Worrying about it likely raised it. The functional equivalent to ‘White Coat Syndrome’. However, when the 6 pound dog is that needy I worry that she knows something I don’t.
* Finished up the day counting and measuring upper cabinets. Still not sure if I have enough or too many or the wrong sizes. It’s complicated. I’ve got 12s, 16s, 18s, 24s, 30s, short ones, tall ones and a Lazy Susan corner all in various heights and I’m not sure I can use any of them. That’s not true, I know I can use some of them. The the problem is ‘which ones’. I need one of those 8 ball things or a real interior designer.
* Got a call from the insurance companies inspector today. The least they will let us insure the thing for is $245k subject to the inspection. I was able to put him off until the end of the month by which time we need some massive improvements. Much can be explained away by saying the house needs to be leveled before the sheetrock and the flooring can be finished, etc. But it is a little difficult to explain the bath tub and the crappy tile surround about to fall through the floor and the lack of siding on the west end of the house or for that matter many of the walls with no sheetrock. He may or may not give us the valuation we need but like Rush says “It is what it is.”
* Dinner this evening was”The Kitchen Sink”. That’s a pizza from the Fritz Creek Country Store. It was excellent and there is enough left for breakfast in the morning. YUM-M-M


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