November 5-7, 2017

Hi guys!  So, let’s play catch up.  I got a bad case of carpal tunnel and ordered a cast from amazon.  I got it Friday the 3rd and have been wearing ever since.  I am getting my feeling back into my hand and thumb.  I have to take it off to type and some heavy lifting that has to be done.  It has slowed my down a little but I am not gonna let it stop me.


It snowed a little bit on Sunday and then iced over a bit.  It has since melted a bit, but keeps freezing over.

Yesterday (11/06/2017) I had to go to town for a few things.  Water was a big one.  I found the secret to free water and can fill my 5 gallon tanks at the Safeway!  It’s city water,   so I have to get over my snobbiness with water.  I am used to my well back in Florida.  It’s in a spring and tastes fantastic!  This water tastes different, but it’s free and everyone is drinking it and they all seem fine. So therefore I must conform and drink the darn water.

Any who, went to town signed another document at the water people’s office, went to Sav-U-More got vodka, then went to Safeway filled up my four 5 gallon tanks with much difficulty to my hand.  Parked and went in to get a few food items that are a staples here at the Steele homestead.  Then I hit Ulmer’s for printer ink and a new notebook for Dad.  I high tailed it back home without forgetting anything!  YAY!

Dad and I have started the sheet rock in the kitchen and should have the kitchen in temporary working order.  So much better than trying to cook on that Coleman 2 burner stove.  I’ve become a pro at cooking on it.  I might just come out with my own Alaska pioneer cookbook everything cooked in the wood burning stove and a Coleman 2 burner propane stove.  Good Stuff!  Speaking of food, last night (11/06/17) I made candied carrots  from Palmer, AK, Stove Top Stuffing, and green beans for dinner.  All on that Coleman stove. It hit the spot!


As you know now, I put my bed together finally.  It was a lot of hard work trying to figure out the right combination for all those 2 x 4s and the 2 pieces of cut plywood.  I just made it work.  Took a couple hours and well worth the slight aggravation.  My determination was driven by dogs always on my bed dragging in dirt, sawdust, and sheet rock fragments. Now, no one is allowed on my nice clean warm bed without permission.  That and I feel less squatter and more moved in.

So, we should have a kitchen today (11/7/2017)!  So excited! Here is a little video of the progress of the kitchen.



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