Bob’s Version: Homestead Day 46

Homestead Day 46 Sunday 10/05/2017

Cleaned the construction debris AGAIN. The temperature has been a little colder in the past few days. It only rose to about 32 during the day and was about 26 this morning. It snowed some but the sun came out later and all of it melted to slush. Just wet enough too make more mud.
*Unloaded some of the trailer into the container. Also, unloaded once bus contents from house into the container, heretofore to be referred to as the POD. Couldn’t come up with good words for the acronym. Much of the material stored is tools and Summer’s kitchen equipment. She has more kitchen stuff that most Chefs. Still have about half of the trailer to unload. The unloading of the house gave me some room to work on the kitchen.
*Spent about an hour measuring existing cabinets and walls in an attempt to use what we have. 4 sketches later I, eventually, worked out a plan that uses most of the cabinets we have. However, I can’t install cabinets and appliances until the sheetrock is installed.
*Summer ran into town to get the hose that goes with the propane tree so that we could use the larger propane tanks instead of those little green cans. We were out of green cans and they cost about 6 bucks apiece up here. She spent about $27 to get the hose but we break even on the first larger tank of propane.
*While Summer was in town, I decided to begin the sheetrocking of the kitchen. Sheetrock work is a lot harder than I remember. Lifting a 4×6 foot cut sheet up to the second course is difficult no matter what for one person, but I did not expect it to be that difficult. I ended up screwing a 3′ piece of 2×2 onto the wall and setting the cut piece on that. Worked like a champ. Will have a couple of more holes to fill is the only bad result. Because the house has yet to be leveled we aren’t going to tape and mud until the leveling is completed. Probably will be next spring before that happens. The sheetrock over the insulation traps non-circulating air which will make the house warmer. Warmer is good. Tomorrow I’ll continue the sheetrock endeavor.
*Had Brassica Surprise (Broccoli, Brussel sprouts,onions, shallots, crumbled bacon all sautéed in bacon grease) and baked chicken for dinner.


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