Just Another Day on the Homestead

Good morning everyone! or should I say afternoon at this point.  I’m getting off to a slow start today.  Woke this morning by Gandie giving me the single bark which means he has to go out.  I tried to ignore him and rolled over when Taco starts whining.  It’s time.  I have to get up and take the dogs out.  So, I go down stairs, get my coat on and leash Taco.  It’s 9am and just a bit of light is showing through the mountains.  The sun was still behind and had yet to show itself above the mountains.  The light that was there illuminated bright red and orange.  Never seen such a beautiful sunrise it’s almost hard to imagine that I am HERE seeing such beauty unfold before me.  It’s like a moving painting.  I go back in the house with the dogs and go back to my room and take more pics of the sunrise.  Then, I laid back down for a while.  This whole 4 hour time change has really messed me up.

Okay, update on whats going on.  We got our container in place and I backed the trailer up in front of it so we can unload our stuff and sort through it.  Some things belong in the house and some don’t, so all that stuff goes into the container.

Dad and I have worked on the power and water situation and are just about to be able to sheet rock the walls in the kitchen.  From their we can install cabinets and get the kitchen looking like a kitchen.  Then I can unload most of the boxes that are in the house.  They are in the way of bringing in furniture.  I am sick of sitting in a camp chair.  It’s not comfortable.  And speaking of uncomfortable, I guess I have carpal tunnel due to my thumb going numb and staying numb.  It’s kind of freaking me out.  I have no insurance and hoping that a brace will help with the problem.  My thumb got worse when I put it in the cast.  So, I’ve taken it off today to see if it gets any better, plus I can’t type with it on.


I went into town yesterday not realizing it was Friday.  Today is Saturday.  I guess we are loosing time due to the everyday work that needs to be done.  Wednesday felt like two days.  Last night I got a call from an old friend Wendy.  We video chatted and I showed her around the house.  We talked for about an hour, it was really nice catching up with her.  I told her that she will definitely have to come visit sometime once we have put the house together.

Evening getting days mixed up and having time problems we always find something to laugh about.  We are alway up beat and nothing gets us down.

Today I am washing dishes and getting the kitchen put together.  That makes me happy.



One thought on “Just Another Day on the Homestead

  1. ….might think about putting up a dog house outside and do what the dog mushers do and just chain the dogs up outside for the day. Might save on a lot of in and out trips? When spring comes back you might even keep one of the dogs outside overnight if they end up liking to be able to be free most of the time. Yeah I know it is different for small dogs but its just a thought.

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