It’s still today 11/4/2017

I am trying to type with this stupid cast.  Dinner was great! I made salmon from our friend Mike.  He was very generous in giving us some salmon filets and a moose roast.  I’m saving that roast for a day we really need it.  It’s about to start getting colder, I mean in single digits by the following week.  We need the ground to freeze so we can get proper firewood.

We had a great salad and salmon.  Since I don’t have a working conventional oven I marinated the fish in soy sauce, pepper, down sugar and a little molasses.  Molasses is my favorite food group.  Any who, I wrapped the fish up in tin foil and baked in the wood stove.  I usually cook it on broil in the oven, we use what we got and that’s just fine.   Salad was organic butter crunch lettuce from Safeway (it’s the same price as it is in Florid), cilantro, chick peas, onions, tomato and cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette.  I ate every bit of it?  Thanks Mike!

I also did a days worth of dishes in the bathtub.  I don’t have a kitchen sink yet and the camper’s water heater died.  So I can’t do the washing there.  So, I had to do all the dishes on my knees and irritate my back a bit.  The procrastination on doing said dishes was intense.  I used every pan and pot before running out of things to cook it.  The procrastination also involves laundry.  I’m hoping we get the washer hooked up tomorrow.  Monday is water delivery day so Sundays will be washing day.  If I don’t wash laundry soon I might have to go buy new underwear which is probably overpriced here in Homer.


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