Bob’s Version: Day 43

Homestead Day 43 Thursday

Look at for pictures and video. Slept in because sunrise was about 9:30. Made coffee then took my big cup outside to look around. Looked across the bay at the mountains. It was a beautiful, clear morning. Walked over to the new gravel drive and took a long look at the cargo in the trailer. I walked away shaking my head. The amount of work necessary to empty the damned thing is just more than I want to contemplate. It’s got to be done but not today.
*Back to the electric conundrum. Why is there a hot wire and there isn’t a ground or neutral? Driving me to drink. Well, I do need an excuse now and then. Anyway, I traced the wire into Summer’s room. Cut the wire loose from the receptacle. This eliminated the hot wire in the kitchen area. I pulled in the wire and installed boxes for the garbage disposer and the dishwasher. Then I moved two switches that were on the wrong side of the back door. You couldn’t turn on the kitchen lights or the porch light without closing the door. Both are inconvenient and potentially dangerous, if you come home in the dark.
*Summer went into Homer and got some sticks of PEX because we couldn’t get the coiled stuff to go through the holes in the studs.
*Put a couple of sticks of PEX into the wall. The straight stuff went into the wall very easily.
*Cut up more scrap wood. The stove just eats wood like I eat crab legs i.e faster than grease lightning. Six cords are ordered. Hope they get here soon. The wood up here isn’t as good as the hard woods in Florida. They just don’t produce the amount of heat or burn as long as oak would.
*Just when I thought the electric problems were solved, Summer told me that the ceiling light in her bedroom was no longer working. This led me to the conclusion that there is a hidden box somewhere on the second floor. The wire I cut earlier seems to have been attached to this hidden box. AARGH!!
We had fried fish sandwiches with macaroni and cheese for dinner.


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