Bob’s Version: Day 42 Homestead

Homestead Day 42 Wednesday

Did not realize that it was my birthday until Summer mentioned it. Sleeping on the real bed in the camper has helped my back immensely. The pain every time I moved has been replaced by the pain of every now and then. The camper bed has a brand new mattress and I’m benefiting from that firmness. I decided that when I can get to my bed frame and box springs, I’m swapping my mattress for the one in the camper.
*Spent most of the day hunting for the wires that I know that are disconnected somewhere. The missing ground and neutral are driving me crazier. I did get most of the new wiring done for the kitchen area. Did not get the runs for garbage disposer and dishwasher installed. I’ll get them tomorrow.
*Sawed up more scrap lumber for firewood. Much of it is wet and needs to be stacked inside to dry. Cut enough kindling to fill the vodka box we’re using as a kindling container. No we didn’t drink six 1.5 liter bottles, the box was already here.
*With the gravel put down and the container placed on it, Summer put the travel trailer back in position and then put the cargo trailer in position to be unloaded. Some of the stuff we need immediately now that it is available and some of it goes into the container. A shipping container is
referred to as a “CONEX” up here even though that is just the name of a shipping company and not a description of the object. In many ways this is a foreign country full of nice people who speak roughly the same language.
*Had dinner, couple of vodkas and went to bed.


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