Good Night, Good Evening, and Good Morning

Today was a long hard day.  We both just didn’t have the stamina to work as hard as we have been.  We chased around power and what could cause such weirdness in the power.  Long story, just wait for my Dad’s post.

This will be my second night in the house sleeping alone with my two dogs.  Dad and Suzy are still in the camper, just in my old bed.  Last night was strange.  This is an older house and it’s an Alaskan house so you can say that it wasn’t quite put together by code. It took me a long time to fall asleep and stay asleep.  So lets say I tossed and turned half the night.  In any house you have to get used to the strange sounds that occur.  It’s always an adventure. It is Halloween and it’s a beautiful sky tonight with a large half moon.  I’m not gonna let my imagination take hold of me.  As far as I know, everyone involved with this house is still alive.  See!  There’s my imagination taking hold of me again.   It’s 8:50 pm now and I feel I could sleep for a century.

Tonight I feel pretty good and think I could sleep all the way through.  Just incase I am taking a Benadryl.  Again, it’s ah old house and it is pretty dusty since we got here, it doesn’t help that we are putting this old house back together.  An allergy pill is just the trick with a humidifier.  Boy, is it dry here.  Moisturize me!  Moisturize me!  LOL!  A little Cassandra there from Doctor Who to lighten the mood.

So, I bid you good night, good evening, and good morning where ever you are.



3 thoughts on “Good Night, Good Evening, and Good Morning

  1. With today being Halloween there just may be the spirti’s of some Alaskan old timers roaming the hills and valleys….. pull the covers tighter and think good thoughts and they too will pass into the morning mist.

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  2. You like Doctor Who?! I’m forever making references that no one gets, I was gonna be so disappointed if you had just said “moisturize me baby!” or something else non-Whovian but so close. This is fantastic! 💙💙


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