Same Costume Same Year

I know I have lost weight working the hard homesteader life and remodeling the house.  It occurred to me to compare pictures to see how much I really lost.  I am thrilled!!!  I didn’t even notice until later that my corset was too big!  I had it cinched up all the way and I still had some room.  Now, I have tried all kinds of diets and this one is the best.  I call it the Alaska Diet.  Work hard and eat less.  When you eat, eat healthy.


Today, Dad got the oil heater going and it works.  We also unloaded stuff into the house including my bed!  I am sleeping in the house tonight.  Dad and I ran out of steam at this point and were hungry, so we stopped for the night.  I made baked potatoes in the wood stove and beanie weenies.  I’m saving the steaks for tomorrow night. Speaking about tomorrow, Dad is getting his bed in the house as well.  We are so close to living in the house completely!  Dad can’t wait!

I am sitting here by the fire writing and enjoying the fact that I don’t have to walk outside to use the bathroom.  Before bed though, I have to walk back to the camper and get my pillows, heating blanket, iPad and iPhone chargers, dog water bowl for upstairs and then it’s bedtime for Bonzo!  I am so freaking thrilled about being in the house!

I wish we could have done more today, but there is always tomorrow.  Be safe my friends and have a great night or day where ever you are.



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