Bob’s Version: Day 39 Homestead

Homestead DAY 39
Overslept again. I just can’t seem to get up in the mornings. Summer seems to think it is the lack of sun light. Her new acquaintances all say that they take a Vitamin B12 and D supplements to counteract the depression. I don’t feel depressed just exhausted from constant labor. I haven’t really taken a day off from the renovation and moving our stuff in.

*We didn’t finish Saturday’s To Do List. Today we continued Saturday. Summer got most of our clothing moved from the trailer to the house whilst I plugged away at getting the oil heater running. Had to make a couple of calls before I got the little turkey running. The big problem with the heater was my impatience. For reasons unbeknownst to me the stove has a slow start built into the programming. I wasn’t giving it the 5-6 minutes to light itself. After it fired up, it was all heat and no aggravation. Will call tomorrow and get fuel oil delivered as we are running on whatever was in the tanks when we bought the place. Summer found out Friday that the oil people want us to have, at a minimum, a 300 gallon tank. Been shopping on Craigslist to find one nearby. No luck so far.
*Cut up some more of the destruction debris to fuel the wood stove. Still no fire wood delivery, as the ground has yet to freeze, so the logging people cannot get into the woods. Will have to cut up a bunch more for tomorrow as the temps will be in the 40’s overnight.
*Opened the trailer full of our stuff and extricated the lawn tractor, the concrete mixer, my third chainsaw, some odds and ends and, at last we got to Summer’s bedding out. She was jumping for joy that she would get to sleep in her own bed tonight. We could have gotten to my bed but I wasn’t motivated to move all of the stuff necessary to do so. Like Scarlett “I’ll think about that tomorrow”.
* We got the washer and dryer into the house. Problem is simple: there are no connections for either. Still it is progress.
*The dogs seem to have turned the corner from merely nuisance to aggravating as hell. Gandy seems to anticipate where you need to walk, gets in front and slow walks you to your destination. Taco has the whiny thing going on. Boredom, I guess. Suzy has taken to being extremely needy. I can’t walk away 10 feet without her running over to me to be picked up. The three of them seem to be conniving to keep us from getting anything done. Perhaps, they are feeling insecure due to staying in the house during the day and the camper at night. All of that will change as Summer has moved in and I will move in tomorrow. Tonight I get the good bed in the camper. Whoopeee!!!
*Summer and I both have problems driving here. The scenery is so beautiful that it distracts you from the road and driving. I have come close to leaving the pavement on several occasions.
*Tomorrow we intend to wash these stinking dogs, diminish the electrical and water for the kitchen. Will be nice to have a working kitchen again. Oh and I’m going to see if the third POULAN chainsaw will start and run. I’m not feeling very confident as two others have refused to start.
*Tonight’s fare was loaded baked potato and beanie weenies left from lunch. Neither of us were in the mood to eat a big dinner after all of the work today.


One thought on “Bob’s Version: Day 39 Homestead

  1. Bob, you are not alone in your drifting on the road while focusing on the differing views.
    Many times it was the sound of the gravel shoulder that brought me to the reality that maybe it was time to pay more attention to my driving then the scenery. The worst instance was when I was in Canada and when driving to the lower 48 late one night near Kluane lake in the Yukon and the northern lights were going nuts. For a brief moment I swear the Aurora took the shape of the Star Trek Enterprise before it faded……and I almost ended up in the lake!

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