Bob’s Version: Day 38 Homestead

Day 38 Homestead

Thought I was going to sleep in my own bed tonight but time and circumstance have no respect for the plans of us mere mortals. We had six things on today’s To Do List we did three of them. We cleaned up the construction debris and hauled all of the trash to the dump station. That was two of the three things. Summer made a special dip for the party she was attending this evening. That was the third thing.
*The dirt guy came over and spread the gravel out and then informed us that we needed 2,maybe three more truck loads to finish the job. It’s kinda like a friend of mine used to say about his gambling. “It’s only green paper”. Brian could have spread the gravel thinner. I’m reasonably certain that in six months or so we would have been unhappy about the job. So 2-3 more loads will be arriving on Monday.
*I have a few rules that govern my life and a friend of mine wanted me to produce them in writing. The Bob Steele Rules are as follows:
1. EVERYTHING that happens to you, good or bad, is, generally, your own damned fault.
2. No decision is permanent as decisions are tied to circumstance and ciumstances are in a constant flux.
3. You can’t help people that won’t help themselves.
4. You can’t help people, if you can’t help yourself.
5. If you see something that needs to be done, DO IT.
6. In interpersonal relationship problems the best thing to do is nothing.
7. You can’t win an argument with an idiot and you end up just wasting your valuable time.
8. Never loan money to family or employees unless you want them out of your life.
9. Never lie, steal or cheat because it will kill the very essence of your humanity.
10. Whether you believe in a God or not, praying and asking forgiveness is cathartic .
I’m sure that some of you will think that the rules are a bunch of baloney, but as I have learned them the hard way they have changed my life and made life easier.
*Back to the homestead. Tomorrow, Sunday, we will attempt to finish Saturday’s To Do List and complete Sunday’s list as well. Brother Murphy has been my constant companion since we began this trek.
*I am aware that I’ve said this before, I think I’ve, finally, solved all of the water leak problems. The water system has been stable and without leaks for two days now.
*Summer was invited to a Halloween party, so no cooking was done. Dinner was half of a corned beef sandwich several thick slices of summer sausage with crackers, a big chunk of angel food cake and a couple of vodkas. Not exactly a great dinner. I would have preferred chocolate cake with butter cream-chocolate icing.


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