Bob’s Version: Day 37 Homestead

Homestead DAY 37 for video, pictures and comments. Summer is uploading stuff daily.
*Those of you who have experienced cold weather know that there are days when you just feel cold regardless of how you are dressed. Today, I was doing the opposite. The temps were in the forties and I was feeling overly warm to the point I was doing my shopping in a tee shirt. All my shorts are packed somewhere so I couldn’t wear those. I guess I could have gone in my underwear except that I stood a very good chance of ending up in a padded cell for a few days.
*I ran around Homer doing my errands and Summer stayed home cleaning up the construction mess. A continuous job for both of us. I didn’t get the oil stove up and running because I had to go to three different places to find the parts I needed. I keep saying that this place would be an excellent place to open a hardware store. I don’t understand the being out of stock situation that is common up here. Everyone has their inventory on computer and can know from minute to minute what is out of stock or at the reorder point. Even the big guys like Home Deport and a local chain, Spenard’s Building Supplies are constantly out of stock on common things. If you had fifty of something that you sell a lot of and it sells out every time before your reorder cycle, why wouldn’t you order 60 the next time?
*The gravel people dumped two loads of material into the yard while I was gone I had just about given up on getting the yard leveled and the gravel spread. Shortly, after the last dump load of gravel, we heard a bull dozer. We went out to find the dirt guy scraping away brush and debris. In less than an hour, he had leveled the pad where we wanted the gravel spread and filled several holes on the perimeter. It was about 5:00 when he went home. This left me and Summer to spread out the TYPAR, which is a road surfacing plastic material, over the area where we wanted the gravel. The reason for the TYPAR is that the land is soft, wet tundra and anything placed on top of it will beginning sinking immediately. The gravel would just disappear in a few months. It was almost dark when we finished the chore. With the wind blowing like crazy we were forced to take shovels full of gravel and place them around the perimeter. One shovel full at the time was the time consuming project as both of our wheelbarrows are still in Florida. Summer went inside to start dinner and I stayed outside perfecting our wind proofing project. Just as I was satisfied that the TYPAR would still be in place tomorrow morning, the wind died.
*My back problem continues. My back hurts exactly where the bar in the sofa bed crosses my body. Tomorrow I plan to extricate my bed from the trailer and spend my first night in our new home. No more travel trailer living for Summer myself and three dogs.
* Summer sautéed onions and garlic added that to store bought spaghetti sauce. Noodles, parmesan and a tasty sauce was dinner.


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