Laundry Day!

Today was the day!  I woke up kinda early, made coffee, stoked the fire and relaxed for a bit and scrolled through Facebook.  Then it was time to get out of my pjs, which I like wearing pjs they are so comfy.  It’s what I looked forward to after a hard day at work.  And these particular pjs are special.  My best friend back in Florida gave them to me as part of my going away present.  It’s a tank top and leggings and it’s so comfy and of course the leggings can be used as long underwear.  Thanks Tammy, I really love them.  It’s just now that I am able to wear them, for some odd reason after we ran out of propane, a few days later the heat pump started magically working.  That means the camper gets so freaking hot that I need a tank top to sleep in.  Even so, when leaving the camper its sweat shirt and a coat.  In the house I have to keep the sweat shirt on until the fire gets roaring.  Yesterday, I have to shed the sweat shirt because I got it really warm in the house by way of the wood stove.

Any who!  I went to do laundry and had to go to the Gear Shed twice before going to the laundry mat.  I was so happy that I on;y spent 13.50 on all our laundry.  That was washed and dried.  YAY!  So, while our clothes were washing I went into town and visited Ulmer’s for PVC pipe, then the post office to check our box, and to the bank for more quarters.  Then, my timer went off and it was back to the laundry mat to put the clothes in the dryer and set for 45 minutes.  Off to the water people to sign some paperwork and talk about how to save our water from leaky pipes.  Good talk!

Then to Safeway, which is just as nice as Publix in Florida.  I had some friends back in Florida that were not sure about this grocery store but it’s nice.  I like it and like Sav-U-More.  Which is part of the Kroger franchise.  It’s bulk food that is organic and some regular.  It also has a hodgepodge of Ikea and wWalmart brands.  It’s weird.  You can buy you livestock freed, halloween candy, sushi, meat, pasta, veg, etc. all from one store.  Oh, and they have a liquor store as well.

Then, got the laundry, folded it, stuffed it in Spike and off we go!  I also forgot to buy a new voltage tester and stopped at Gear Shed one more time, they didn’t have one.  So, I turned around and went back towards town to the Electric Shop where they were going to charge me $35 for this stupid little device.  He told me the price and I said, “Holly Shit!”  Yup, he gave me a look.  I told him I have to run completely into town and I have to go passed him to go home.  I went back to Ulmer’s and bought the same stupid device for $25.  The shame!  Then, I headed home and just about up the hill to the house I remembered that I forgot ice and 7-up.  I pull over to the Fritz Creek General Store and pay $13 dollars for a small bag of ice and a 12 pack of sprite (smack in the face).  My stupidity made me over spend of two freaking items. I made it home and decided that a drink might do the trick.

Dinner tonight is or was rather, flank steak and fully loaded salad.  I went to Safeway and found my favorite lettuce which is butter crunch.  It was the largest head of butter crunch I have ever seen, that wasn’t one I grew myself, of course.  Turns out it’s from California and it cost exactly the same as the Publix grocery butter crunch from Tennessee except it’s smaller.  Talk about a bang for your buck!


Dad saved us by finding the colander to clean all our greens!


As I was cutting up this yummy lettuce and organic cilantro, I was marinating the flank steak slices.


I also wanted to show you our sandwich bread, it’s made in Alaska.


We also are making our vodka and 7’s with Kirkland’s Vodka.  It’s really good.


And for desert, Angel food cake!  YUM!


I leave a sweet picture of Taco laying by the fire.  Ya’ll have a great night or day depending where you are in the world.  Be safe and watch over each other, there is always a need for good people in the world.



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