Bob’s Version: Day 36 Homestead

DAY 36 Homestead

As many of you know this house was a derelict. No water, no electricity, no heat and I have absolutely seen ‘crack houses’ in better shape. Nevertheless, we have persisted and have gotten all of those in place. By tomorrow evening we will have another, more consistent, source of heat, our Toyo oil stove. It is only 22k btu but is a constant 22k btu as opposed to the varying heat from the wood stove. We’ve ordered six cords of wood but won’t get them until the ground freezes solid. In the meantime, we are burning the lumber left over from the previous idiot destroying the water room. With both oil and wood we should be able to stay nice and warm during the winter.
Projects today consisted of repairing the water piping again, running the line for the oil, cleaning up, feeding the wood stove and bringing our water tank plumbing up to the standards of our water supplier.
Found out too late that PVC pipe is not the best product for Alaska. The water supplier said the we should put our pump house entirely in PEX. The house is already piped in PEX because it does so well in the cold.
Why I didn’t do the pump house the same way can only be attributed too a serious lack of brains, common sense or both. Next time I’m in Home Depot I will be buying the parts to convert all of it to PEX.
It was a kinda goofy day that seemed to turn me every which way but loose.
Dinner was thinly sliced flank steak on top of a salad.


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