So around 12pm today it started snowing!  Which changed our plans to do a garbage run first to preparing more firewood.  We are still waiting on our load of wood to arrive and could be weeks.  So, we are burning what we can find.  The snow was beautiful.

So wood became the priority, but we did have a bit of fun chopping wood. I realized holding an axe and my clothes resembled an occupation so I had to break out in song!

Everyone should know this song!  Everyone sing along!



5 thoughts on “SNOW!

  1. You have chosen your new home wisely because the temperatures down there are mild and the snow fall light compared to where my cabin was up North near Livengood. In fact the -20 degree temp and the snow of winter 2016-2017 had me trapped for two weeks because I could not clear a trail to the road.

    Enjoy the angels frozen tears!


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