Bob’s Version: Day 31 Homestead

Day 31 Homestead

Off to Kenai to get another water pump. The new one failed. This water situation seems to be an ongoing problem. I hope this problem is truly solved NOW as the pump has been replaced. The trip was beautiful and boring. Roads designed for 65-70 but speed limit is 55. It just about puts me to sleep every time. There are so many people up here with DUI’s and the potential ice that I guess they slowed everything down to keep the idiots from running over moose or each other.
Pump changed. KI turn my attention to running the plumbing for the new bath vanity in the downstairs bath. Of course, while I was sawing through the drain pipe I managed to cut the water supply line hidden behind it. “Stupid is as stupid does.” Fifteen minute job turns into an hour. At long last, I got the proper plumbing installed. Summer was double insulating the bathroom wall so I stopped and changed jobs.
The electric in the kitchen area is not properly wired so I am rewiring that area. It is a problem that is easily solved on paper. Also the kitchen never had water to the sink. I’m installing the necessary piping to make sure we can install the kitchen soon.
Tomorrow will be sheetrock in the bath and dumping a couple of tons of debris from the RENO. It’s Sunday and we’re taking a small break from the work. You can’t grind it out every day. Today we got up act 8 am finished at near 7 pm.


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