Last Night Oct. 20 & This Morning the 21

We finally got the bus unloaded and moved.  YAY!

Then it was dinner time and we were hungry and tired.  What was one the menu for last nights dinner?  You have to watch to see!

My fresh fajita meat was frozen by way of the camper fridge. We keep putting it on a warmer setting but it continues to freeze everything.  So, I had to defrost the meat in a bowl on the stove.  IMG_3372

It was a fun night and it was really cool using my ulu to cut everything due to the fact we again have no water.  Dad went to Kenai today to get a new pump.  It seems the one we bought originally was bad.

And so now, I’m siting here drinking Earl Grey by the fire with my two babies Gandie and Taco.

I’ve already stoked the fire thrice, cut firewood and now writing on this blog.

I woke this morning by Gandie doing his single bark which translates to, “Take me out bitch, I got to go!”  The time? Well you would think it was 2 am but no, it’s about 7:45 am. Pitch black dark.  So here I am walking Gandie with my side arm minding my own business when out of the blue it starts snowing!  Lightly, very lightly.

Today, I’m finishing insulating the bathroom wall and stoking the fire.  A wood stove is a full time job.  Once I have done that I can mop my bedroom, let it dry and start painting the floor.  I can’t wait to move in here permanently.  I am so sick and tired being in that camper.


3 thoughts on “Last Night Oct. 20 & This Morning the 21

  1. Cooking on a Colman two burner is truly an art. I used the same Colman you are for 14 years in my cabin, and even though I had to replace it with a duplicate about 4 years ago it never failed… because as you know it is the cook not the stove that makes great meals!


      • Yes for those 14 years in my cabin that’s all I ever used. I had to replace my first one a few years back because the knob didn’t adjust the flame correctly. When I went to replace the old one I saw they had new ones with an oven… I would have loved to have an oven in the cabin but it uses too much propane and on SS I watched every penny.


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