Bob’s Version: Day 30 Homestead

Day 30 Thursday

Started just like any other day. Arose to the dark at almost 8:00. Coffee, news and very little conversation. Summer and I, coincidentally, like some coffee and quiet time before launching into the day.
Pipes froze last night and darned pump is still not working properly, even if the pipes weren’t frozen. My own stupidity that I didn’t wrap the pipes after installing the heat tape. I have seldom been accused of being intelligent.
Summer had to take Spike to have the studded tires installed, make the post office run and pick up a few groceries. I added the task of getting the insulated wrap to her chores. When she returned, I wrapped the pipes and cocooned the pump and water house piping with a 60 watt light bulb. Hoping this will prevent further freeze ups.
The deplaning of our considerable luggage continues. We are beginning to be able to see the end of this endurance test. Unloading this never ending pile of boxes would be a good training exercise for Navy Seals. Worse than that we still have to unload the 28 ft trailer that is slam full and has our beds stuffed into the very back. We were doing some really heavy thinking when we packed. I am living for the day I can get out of the travel trailer.
Late in the day the pump decided to run again. I turned the water heater on and Summer and I were able to take hot showers. The damned pump QUIT AGAIN just as Summer had finished rinsing off. She came to the trailer laughing that she had perfect timing.
We had pizza and vodka/seven for dinner. Probably the best pizza I have ever eaten. Fritz Creek Country Store or something like that. I was pleasantly surprised.


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