Let’s Play Catch Up!

As you know we are trying to move in ASAP before the snow falls.

We have fixed the outside wall of the house and started insulating it through the inside.

This was a huge accomplishment for us.

We also installed the wood stove!  It took me four trips into town to get stove pipe parts, but it was worth it.

We are now warm!  Just another step in the right direction to be fully moved into the house.

We have cleared out most of the junk that was left in the living room and kitchen and have started making it look livable.

We decided to take a break moving crap in so we decided to check out the outhouse.  With all the little issues we’ve been having with the water, it made sense if we could do a quick revamp and use it.  We get the door off and I look inside and see BONES!  Yes, people, bones! They look very close to human bones and that disturbed Dad and I.  So we decided to call the Alaska State Troopers.  They didn’t seem very concerned that there were human looking bones in an old outhouse.  So they came early in the morning and took a look at the bones. The sergeant said they do look like human bones, but most likely its a small bear.  Bear bones look very similar to humans.  He send pictures to the CSI guys just incase.  We never heard back.  So, I guess they were a bear’s bones.  Most likely an illegal kill or it seemed like a good place to just dispose of bones.  The sergeant said, “Welcome to Alaska.  This is completely normal.” I told him this would be a great place for a serial killer due to the fact that it is easy to dispose of bodies here.  “Oh, he went out hunting and never came back.” The same goes for fishing.  Very scary if you think about it.


As for my bedroom, I am wasting no time unpacking and making this my space. All I need to do is mop the floor in preparation to paint it.  Painting might be the last thing I do.IMG_3362 Dad and I have just about had it with the camper.  We need to move in! I can do without floor paint.



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