Bob’s Version: Day 29 Homestead

DAY 29 Wednesday.

Sunrise is now just before 9:00 am. Kinda weird to be up at 7:00 and it still dark. Hot cocoa instead of coffee, at least, for the first cup. The cocoa was good, but no substitute for strong, hot coffee. Woke up feeling like working. Some days I don’t feel it I just do it anyway. Yesterday’s plumbing debacle behind me, I am anxious to get the school bus backed up to the door and start unloading. With about 7-8 tons of stuff on the bus of which two tons, not exaggerating, is food. Then there are boxes of heavy kitchen stuff, boxes of my books, boxes of unidentified heavy detritus, a couple of totes full of really heavy electrical stuff along with more winter clothes, a brand new stove and refrigerator and who knows what else. It took us a month to pack the bus and the trailer. Summer and I are both ready to get on with the deplaning our luggage. It will be like an early Christmas. Ya, Sure……
Properly fortified with java, I take the school bus where no school bus has ever gone before, at least, not on purpose. I drove it about 20 feet out into the bushes, in order to turn it around. I was careful to keep the pulling wheels on the gravel road. The bus was faced the wrong direction, After a 20 point turn, I got it properly aimed. With only about 12 feet of road and a about 40′ of bus it was inch up inch back leading to the 20 point turn. I started the bus tour when the ground was still hard in the shade. Little did I know that the ground had thawed where we needed to park the bus. Yep, you guessed it the rear tires sank up to the rim and no amount of coaxing, cursing or praying was going to get it out. Could have gotten Spike, the Dodge dually, and may have gotten it out. But we decided to do things the Steele way (read the hard way) and carry all of that stuff the 30 feet from the bus to the house. 30 feet and three steps up loaded. then 30 feet and three steps down unloaded all day. I felt like getting loaded singing the ‘Banana Boat’ song by the end of the day.
Too tired to get loaded or sing, so we had a baked potato and some salad for dinner. Called it a night at about 10:00 pm


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