Bob’s Version: Day 28 Homestead

Day 28 Tuesday

Usual 1/2 gallon of coffee but still a slow starter this morning. Went over and built a fire and contemplated what exactly to do with all of the old cabinets the previous owner had crammed into the downstairs living space whilst sucking down the last of my coffee. It, finally, got up to about 50 in the house which meant that now I had to go outside and figure out what the hell went wrong with the water pump again. Brand new pump hasn’t run more than an hour total, at this point, and it’s screwing up. Turns out that the pump motor is overheating and the thermal overload kicks. Hence no water. Just got back from Home Depot in Kenai yesterday and now It looks as if I’m in for another trip. Worse yet, when I knelt down and leaned to inspect the pump my hand slipped. I recovered my balance by breaking off the only joint that couldn’t be repaired by adding a coupling. Had to replumb the entire pump assembly which as anyone knows requires, at least, three trips to the local hardware store. My local hardware is about 10 miles from the house. I wasted most of my day on they simple project. However, I did arranged fro the pump to be removed and reinstalled easily, I hope.
In the contemplative mood that was generated by my on stupidity in spending half the day driving, i did figure out what to do with the cabinets. Summer and I sorted them by selecting the few that we knew we wanted. The many we didn’t want were summarily executed by tossing the out the backdoor into the yard. There they’ll be burned as a bonfire after the snow comes.
It was kind of an aggravating day but the weather was beautiful. You could see there glaciers across Kachemack Bay. The view kinda pulls you back from your frustration. So, all in all, it was another great day in the neighborhood.


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