Bob’s Version: Day 26 & 27 Homestead

Day 26 & 27 Sunday and Monday Homestead

Spent Sunday plugging away at the plumbing, electrical and cleaning. We’re pushing hard to get done before freeze up. The temperature is dropping every night into the low thirties and high twenties. I was glad to see the cooler weather as I was tired of sweating and the ground is no longer muddy which is a bonus. Sunday was a hard day as we started early and didn’t finish until near 8:00 pm.
Monday was another trip to Kenai. Summer went with me and she swears that she will never ever make that trip again. It’s almost 2 hours each way plus whatever time you spend in Home Depot and Walmart.
Returned a bunch of stuff to Home Depot. The lady was very gracious as she plowed through about 100 items totaling over $600. Went through the store and bought $800 more stuff. We got bath vanities and faucets and some other odds and ends. This is likely our last major purchase at the Depot. I think we have pretty well everything we need, aside from some sheetrock, to move in by Friday.
We’ve been losing water and I have not been able to find the source of the loss in my drive by examinations of the water house or other plumbing. Am going to devote some serious time to locating the leak tomorrow. Water is very expensive up here.
Tomorrow we will be moving the bus in position to unload it. This will get our stove, refrigerator and many of our personal belongings freed from the confines of said bus.
Still have an electrical mystery. Have two walls of receptacles that have a hot wire but no neutral or ground. I continue opening every box I can find and still no resolution.. You’d think a Master Electrician could solve this problem. The problem is that there are no inspections and people just do whatever they please. Hence there are junctions outside of boxes hidden behind walls or floors that no one knows about.
It’s damned scary when you are risking your life living in one of these places. II guess I’ll have to start ripping out sheetrock and floors until I solve the problem. I’m truly am allergic to death as I break out in hives every time I get close.
The scenery from Kenai to Homer is nothing short of breath taking for the first 10 times. After that you just want to floor it and get home. The speed limit is 55 and the roads are built for 65. It is very frustrationg to be creeping along like some 90 year old who can barely see over the steering wheel. In fifteen days I’ll be 73 and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna drive like Grandma Moses. If the speed limit is 70 then the proper speed is 80. The day I’m unable to safely drive the speed limit plus 10, I’ll park the damned truck and let Summer chauffeur me around. She does drive like a Grandma Moses. Makes me crazy going so slow. My definition of speeding is “Driving with the intent of arriving sooner”.
I cannot possibly explain how much fun I’m having. Every day is something new and that suits me to a tee. I was tired of being bored to death with every day seemingly being the same as the last. I had to break out. Constraint has never been my long suit.


4 thoughts on “Bob’s Version: Day 26 & 27 Homestead

  1. I’ve been following y’all’s move for a minute now, and think it’s awesome! We’ve watched Alaska: The Last Frontier for a few years now, and would love to move that way someday.
    The purpose of my comment was to ask if y’all had considered a well for water? You can get a whole house filter pretty cheap if you’re worried about groundwater quality. I hope things start coming together soon so y’all can get moved in and enjoy your little piece of paradise!


    • Hi Viv, thank you for your question. The problem with the ground water around here is the there may or not be arsenic in the water. Those kind of filters can be really pricey. We will be looking into it after breakup, but we have many neighbors that say it’s not really worth trying to drill and if you do you need to go further than 100 feet. I also have to consider earthquakes and other unforeseen obstacles. Now that we have fixed the water problems, we have water trucked to us every Monday and will soon be getting another reservoir up and running.


      • Oh no! I didn’t even think about that! We just left a place with a 200′ well, but our biggest issue was it becoming like river water after heavy rain. Even the good filters down here would be clogged within a week during the wet seasons.
        I just got caught up with y’all again, I really hope you get the plumbing all squared away for good. I can’t imagine driving so far to a home depot!


      • We have a creek running through the property so we are looking into putting in a spring box. From there we can use filters to clean the water. It will also serve for gardening purposes as well. Thanks for following us. I enjoy your comments and questions. Thanks


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