October 11: Laundry Day, again!

After a week of working in the mud, we had gone through all our clothes and sheets.  It was time for another laundry day and of course errands.

So, I make my way to Tire Town to pick up my 6 studded tires for the truck.  I don’t want to be slipping and sliding right off a cliff.  Most people know what studded tires are but for those who don’t, they are a soft tread tire with little spikes in them.  As the tires roll the weight of the vehicle pushed the studs into the ice and snow preventing you from sliding around.  They work like chains but less hassle.

Stop number two: Go check the mail at the post office.  Still no drivers license, but I did get Taco’s winter coat.


I know it looks like ass-less chaps.  Give the poor dog a break, he feels sexy and warm!


So, I went to the 3rd laundromat in Homer it’s called the Red Door.  The Washboard and The Red Door are the only laundromats in Homer, that I know of, that also sell shower time.  The Washboard is very nice and new showers and machines, but it’s expensive.  There is always  an attendant, they have WiFi, comfortable places to sit and a small cafe. The Red Door is a bit different.  When you walk in its like a cave.  It’s cool and damp with a little channel on the floor directing water coming out of the wall into a drain on the floor.  There is one place to sit or fold your clothes and it’s a high top square table that rolls with four barstools and two small folding chairs.  There is also a concrete seating area behind it where the water is dripping out to the drain.  It felt dirty. There isn’t an attendant there in the laundromat part and people are walking through waiting to take a shower.  My belongings did not feel safe.  I didn’t want to leave my clothes there by themselves.  The washers were inexpensive at $4.00 a load which is a double load washer.  The machines were dirty and I have to clean them out myself.  The dyers were the same and were .25 cents for 3 minutes which is steep.  I’m used to the other places that give you 5 minutes.  I spent more money on the dryers than the washers trying to get my clothes and stuff dry.  It seems to me that they haven’t cleaned out their dryer vents in a long while.  I spent $40 dollars washing and drying in an uncomfortable dirty place.  Now this is my own opinion, I am weird about germs and cleanliness when it comes to strangers and using waters and dryers used by hundreds of people.  I might have just had a bad experience, but I’ve decided if I have to do laundry again I will go back to the little laundry place close to home that the Orthodox Russians run.  There were couches, decently price machines – double load $6.50 and the big big one for $9.50.  The dryers are .25 cents for 5 minutes.  It was the fastest laundry I have done.  So sometimes a cheap horse is hard to ride.


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