October 10: The Smokehouse Incident

Tuesday Oct. 10, 2017

We got up like normal and had coffee and was looking through the Craigslist adds for entertainment and to see what was for sale.  Dad came across a smokehouse and for the price you couldn’t build one.  So, Dad and I called the gentlemen and went over to see it.  The man was very nice and helped us get it into the back of the pickup.  There were really nice flat rocks on the bottom that he said I can come back and get when I had a chance.

So, Dad and I are on our way home when one for those major gusts of wind picked up the smokehouse and took it away!  I was looking in the side mirror when it happened.  It gracefully flew and landed on the busy East End Rd!  It skidded until it was on the side of the road.  I jumped out to make sure no one would hit it and Dad backed up towards it.  I’ll tell you what!  That thing was built right!  No major damage at all!  It stayed together!

So now you can picture me directing traffic, (now this was instilled in me by the Alaska DMV handbook.  I sure didn’t want 2 points on my DL due to not directing traffic and creating a mess),  I am now a spectacle on the side of the road with a large smoke house on the ground directing traffic.  Once clear, a nice man came by and asked if we needed help.  Dad and I said, “YES!’  So, I got in the truck and backed it up while Dad and this kid lifted it up enough for me to get under it and they were able to push it up onto the bed of the truck.  We tied it down this time.  The darn thing weighs a ton!  We had not idea that it would just fly off the truck!

Well, we laughed all the way home and then realized where are we gonna put this thing!

We ended up dropping it right where the bus used to be.


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