Bob’s Version: Day 22 Homestead

Day 22 Homestead

Started this foggy day by sucking down coffee and read some news before rushing into town to get mail and a few more stove pipe parts. I can understand if you are congenitally stupid but I have a hard time understanding willfully stupid. Many Americans are the latter.
Still looking for our Alaska Driver’s license. Can’t buy vodka without it. Not really a problem but one more minor worry on top of many others.
Stopped last at the local electrical supply house and picked up a few parts. Got back to the house and went to work. Got the upstairs lighting on, finally. Finished the plumbing in the outside wall and hooked up the water heater to both the electric and the water. Thought we were on the finish line for the hot water until the water heater tripped the breaker. Haven’t checked to see whether it was the water heater or the breaker that is the problem. Have to find out which which means I have to find an ammeter somewhere in the trailer.
Sent Summer to The Electic Outlet, a local electrical supply house for four things. Wrote a list as she knows nothing about the parts. The nimrod got the list wrong. My guess is that he was more interested in Summer’s buttocks than filling my small order. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN MISTAKING 2-2 GANG NAIL ON BOXES FOR 2 SINGLE GANG NAIL ON BOXES?? What was worse is that when Summer went back instead of apologizing, he charged her an additional $5+ FOR BOXES THAT COST ONLY $1 A PIECE MORE ANYWHERE ELSE. He had not the slightest concern that he’d cost us 2 man hours and about $3 in diesel fuel. Won’t be spending another fricking nickel with this idiot.
Tomorrow we are planning on getting the wood stove going, sort out the water heater and begin covering up the outside wall. Hopefully Thursday we’ll install the new back door and we’ll be air tight and warm inside. That’s when the real work begins. First the kitchen, as I’m fond of eating regularly.
Forgot to mention that there were moose tracks in our driveway this morning. Never saw the moose but did see the tracks. Likely a cow so you couldn’t shoot it even if it was moose season. And speaking of critters found out that we have mice in the house. Let the MICE WARS begin.
Since the electrical idiot slowed the progress I did not finish until after 7 pm.
Summer whipped together dinner with some beef fajitas with peppers and onions.


One thought on “Bob’s Version: Day 22 Homestead

  1. 14 years in my cabin and one word for having a mice/vole free environment…a cat. Yeah I know they are a pain but if you get the right one it makes up for their getting into everything. Waht was worse I am allergic to cats but manage for years to live with one until she died and then just listened to the voles running around in the ceiling and across the floor.


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