Bob’s Version: Day 21 Homestead

Day 21 Homestead-

Got up to see partly cloudy skies and 40 degree temps and the wind blowing like crazy. Not a day for handling 4×8 sheets of plywood outside. Closing up the open wall will have to wait.
After the long walk to the bathroom I came back to the trailer and drank a half gallon of coffee. I really have no understanding of how anyone can function without a daily dose of caffeine. I don’t like that brown water that many people refer to as coffee. My coffee has to be dark like Columbian roasted to the point of being almost French roast coffee. I stopped once at a small restaurant in South Louisiana for breakfast, on the way to catch a helicopter to my job on a drilling rig, the coffee was so bitter I thought is must be days old. I asked the lady for some fresh coffee and she laughed at me. “That is fresh, Hon” she said and walked away. It was coffee with chicory and I was accustomed to brown water.. I could drink it now. No problem.
Anyway, I finished my coffee and set about the trying to get some things done today. First on my list was connecting the two dangling wires off the side of the bathroom. Once they were connected we had power for the lights in the kitchen and for the receptacles upstairs. Had a small area in the foyer that had no electricity. Spent two hours tracing wire when it occurred to me that there was still a wire lying in the grass outside the bathroom wall. Crossed the neutral to the hot and found out that it should be connected to a breaker in the panel. Ockham’s Razor-The simplest solution is usually the correct solution. Once I figured that out, was pretty sure that tomorrow will find us with power in all the rooms.
Turned my attention to cleaning debris from the floor in the bathroom. That when I discovered that the tub had been leaking for decades, perhaps, and that the subfloor was rotted out 15 inches into the bathroom. Set my RYOBI saw to stun and cut away the subfloor outside the obvious damage. Fortunately the rot only extended just over a foot from the tub. Had intended to replace the tub and surround eventually anyway. Really no big deal. Told Summer that we had bad news and good news. Bad news need to replace the tub. Good news we can still take hot showers until we get around to it. Also good news tub is sitting on 4x12s and we aren’t going to fall through the floor.
Summer spent the afternoon in Homer doing laundry to the tune of about 40 dollars. Now that we have water and electricity, I’m going to try to get the washer and dryer installed. I have some additional plumbing to do to get the washer, upstairs bathroom and the kitchen supplied with water.
Put all of the stove pipe together and figured out we didn’t have the adapter that connects the stove to the single wall pipe that is the first joint.
Tomorrow I have to run into town and try to find the last piece of the the stove puzzle. Getting the stove going is the last thing we need to do to be able to move into the house. Except closing the outside wall of the bathroom all other projects are inside.
Finished the day about 6:30 as Summer called me to dinner. Chicken Marsala w/Butter-Parmesan coated pasta, garlic bread and sweet tea. Worst part of dinner was having to watch Beauty and the Beast because Summer had never seen this version.

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6 thoughts on “Bob’s Version: Day 21 Homestead

    • That is too funny. My Dad makes coffee reusing the filter filled with coffee grounds from the morning before. It’s really strong and gets bitter. He loves it. I’m getting used to it but I drink my coffee black with sugar and he uses a little cream and sugar.


  1. After reading today’s post I thought you should start to video each days work a bit and when all is said and done edit a video of the restoration, you could call it something like the resurrection of an Alaskan dream.


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