A Big Day!

While waiting for our new buddy Jeffery, I decided to go ahead and clean out around the water house so we can Tyvek it.  None of the chainsaws would start!  Not even the new one we just pulled out of the box!  So, I used my hatchet to start the chopping process. As you can see on this video.

Then, Jeffery comes by with his Bob Cat to dig us our 7 foot deep trench that was about 25 feet longish.  It was really muddy!

We worked all day in the mud until we got the water run and attached to the house!

Dad caught me in the muddy trying to dance and keep from sinking!  The picture looks funny!

Then Jeffery helped us get the bus unstuck from the unforgiving mud and stumps.

He was able to get Bertha free from her muddy stumpy prison and back on solid ground.  Thank goodness!

As we continued to work on the water it started to rain.  Luckily, we had a box o’ fire to go to if we started to get too cold.  The high was in the mid to upper 30’s all day.


As soon as we finished re-attaching all the plumbing it started raining harder.  It was time to quit and get a vodka.  We had a nice hot bowl of 16 bean soup with garlic parm bread.  YUM!  This was the third day in a row we have eaten it, but last night it hit the spot!

This morning I took the dogs out and the yard is a muddy mess!

It is what it is.  It will be better once it all freezes over until spring when it becomes a muddy mess again.  Then we can gravel it when it dries out.


Replace stove pipe in house and get stove put in place.  One more step to get moved into the house.


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