It’s Electric?

Yesterday, Dad and I ran the power through the conduit and into the house!  We were able to get it hooked up in the house and the service panel.  This is all just a crap shoot on what is going to happen so we made a movie!

So now you know!

As Dad and I were wondering around looking for the missing ground clamp for the ground rod that grounds the whole electrical system.  I found porcupine sign!

We must have scared it not too long ago and it bumped into the piling under the deck.  Cool huh?

After we got the electric hooked up we tried to finish the water house by installing insulation and the door.  We were tired.  My hands were bleeding from metal tape, they were also cold, I banged my head so hard instead of seeing stars or little birdies, I was seeing Bald Eagles!  It stunned me pretty good.  So, I gave the water house blood, sweat and tears!

When that happened, Dad went in and made me a liquid pain killer and I went back to work.  We are so close to finishing the water house it just might happen today.

Well, I will continue to keep you posted!  Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “It’s Electric?

  1. Though a couple rooms are still without power, remember what I said before one step at a time and you will get there and always revel in the successes for they will smooth out the problems.


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